May 28, 2016

Between Alliance and Rivalry: Egyptian-Israeli Relations Remain Solid, If Not Particularly Warm

Tunnel found near Egyptian border by Israeli forces. October 18, 2006 Five tunnels were uncovered during a counter-terrorism operation designated to thwart weapons smuggling from Egypt to Gaza through the Philadelphi Route, in southern Gaza.(By Israel Defense Forces - Tunnel Found Near Egyptian Border, CC BY 2.0,

The following article appeared in the Jerusalem Report, March 7, 2016 The ill-advised declaration on February 6 by Infrastructure and Energy Minister Yuval Steinetz that Egypt had flooded some of Hamas’s Gazan smuggling tunnels at Israel’s request brought attention to an important development: Israeli-Egyptian relations have over the last two years  reached an unprecedented level of mutual understanding and cooperation, primarily on security issues. To that end, Israel has allowed … [Read more...]

Israel-Maghreb Relations: Realities and Possibilities

Israel’s relations with the three core Maghreb states--Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia--have been shaped by a combination of factors: the region’s French colonial legacy and distance from the historical cross-currents of Arab nationalism and from the Arab-Israeli conflict, geopolitical exigencies, the state-building enterprises within the three Maghreb entities and the competition between them, and the particular status of their respective Jewish communities. The Madrid-Oslo years were … [Read more...]

Maghreb Regime Scenarios

Published by the GLORIA Center,Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya Volume 10, No. 3, Article 8/10 - September 2006Total Circulation 22,500 MAGHREB REGIME SCENARIOSBruce Maddy-Weitzman* This article reviews three possible regime scenarios for the three principle Maghreb countries of Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. The three scenarios include: the Islamization of the political sphere, the continuation of the authoritarian status quo, and accelerated evolution … [Read more...]

Middle East States and the Approaching 21st Century

    Earlier in the century, many in the region adopted the Eurocentric term 'Middle East' to describe the area where they lived. Doing so marked an undeclared acknowledgement of Western superiority. That imbalance remains in force today, despite their achievements--the attainment of independence, withdrawal of imperial powers, and consolidation of national identities. Engaging in discussions regarding their place in the world entering the 21st century is another tacit … [Read more...]

The Islamic Challenge in North Africa

A proper understanding of the Islamic challenge in Algeria and comparing the Algerian experience to Morocco and Tunisia is urgent. Not only is the Maghrib different than the Mashriq (Arab East), but experience within the Maghrib itself is highly varied. Algeria's sudden, wholesale adoption of a Western-style political liberalization program in 1989-91 was unprecedented in the Arab world. It included the unqualified legalization of explicitly Islamic political parties. No other Arab regime had … [Read more...]